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  • Resistance Decision Making

    using the intelligence of what your people do not want

  • Resistance Decision Making works in simple steps 


    1. In your team (eg. Project team, family or partnership) notice the necessity for something, something you have fear about going ahead with without accessing the team’s intelligence.



    2. Notice a possible proposal that meets the necessity.


    3. Voice your proposal to your team in as much detail as you have clarified so far.


    4. Then ask your team, “what resistance do you have to my proposal?”


    5. Each teammate holds up both hands, with however many fingers up that correspond to the intensity of their resistance to your proposal. Two fists, which is to say zero fingers up, means “I have zero resistance to your proposal, it’s perfect, GO!” Ten fingers up (thumbs included) means “I have massive resistance to your proposal! BEEP!”


    6. If there are lots of fingers (and thumbs), YAY! Group intelligence is on its way. Also, watch out for Gremlins, have your Sword of Clarity at the ready.


    7. Whoever has the most fingers up goes first speaking their resistance. “I feel scared/angry/sad because…” Listen for Emotions vs Feelings.

    Have your Purple Cards ready.

    An EHP Dojo may be required. The person with resistance or any other teammate may at any time make a new proposal, with the resistance /feedback woven in, and ask again, “what resistance is there to my proposal?


    8. It is highly recommended that someone take notes of how the proposal evolves, empowered by group intelligence.


    9. When the proposal is deemed “safe enough for now, good enough to try,” even if a few fingers remain, start to implement the proposal as an experiment. In the context of Radical Responsibility anyone can say, “I have a new proposal!


    10. At any time any teammate can propose for the team to come together for the purpose of feedback, coaching, new proposals or other Torus Technology processes deemed relevant.


    11. Notice the ecstasy called Zwasheen - the ecstasy of collaboration happening.

    Celebrate it!

  • Resistance Decision Making Experiments

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